Happy Holidays!

Holidays Pan Dulce

Pre-Order Pan Dulce for the Holidays! Create your order from our delicious Pan Dulce selection (Note: a minimum of 6 items per order).
Croissant (Tequila Almond) $4.90
Concha (Chocolate) $3.20
Concha (Vanilla) $3.20
Tres Leches Croissant $5.00
Empanada $3.90
Croissant (Chocolate) $4.50
Bear Claw $4.00
Croncha™ Pastry $3.95
Oreja $4.00
Oreja Chocolate $4.50
Kouign Amannh $4.20
Sold out
Peineta $4.10
Sold out

Note: Minimum of 6 items.