Does our bread have azodicarbonamide?

Of course not! We can’t even pronounce it.

Bread, real bread is not supposed to last for a week. Real bread (non-industrialized bread) is only supposed to last a few days.

This strange chemical, azodicarbonamide that Subway announced today they would remove from their bread and that they stated is used in yoga mats is a whitener and a preservative. It is a chemical cheater. Perhaps that is what is causing the gluten intolerance that is sweeping the nation but which never affected people for thousands of years before industrialized bread.

We make real bread. It tastes amazing and not like rubber. It has to be enjoyed soon after it comes out of our oven, but that’s the magic of it. Our bread is long-cultured for 48 hours so it rises gloriously before we bake it. It is a mature dough, not a dough that is risen with artificial yeast. We don’t sell premature bread.

All our ingredients are natural too. La Panadería is here in San Antonio to reclaim the cultura of eating fresh bread because we know that industrialized, store-bought, plastic-wrapped bread has betrayed our taste buds and our health.

If you are Foodie or a Breadie, read the book White Bread – A Social History of the Store-Bought Loaf. It will make you wonder.

We walked away from Industrialized Bread.

We had more than 2,000 employees and had a huge factory for making the bread that millions in Mexico would eat. Unfortunately, the bread that we were making lacked cultura. It had the ingredients but it didn’t have the soul necessary to be great bread. We sold our business and came to the United States to reclaim Pan Artesano, to start again and create a new Panadería experience.

Why does our bread taste so good?  It’s our Cultura.

The piece of bread you just enjoyed was cultured for 48 hours before its taste was sealed in a magical stone European oven.  99% of bakeries in the world make their bread in 45 minutes because industrialization, speed and corporate profits have won over true bread-baking discipline.  Most bakeries cut corners and sell premature bread.  They interrupt mother nature. The long culturing process that we follow uncovers the true destiny of every piece of bread we make. That is why we say that our bread has cultura.

Our Pan Arte y Sano Difference

•    We long-culture our bread for 48 hours.
(most bakeries ferment their bread for 45 minutes).
•    No artificial yeast added to speed production.
•    Made from quality ancient grains and natural wheat.
•    No industrialized processes or shortcuts.
•    Our proprietary 20 year-old levain which starts each batch of dough.
•    Our Panaderos have studied under the top Italian, French, Spanish, American and Mexican bakers.
•    Millions have tasted and enjoyed the bread of our Master Panadero (David Caceres).