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We call you Compañeros.

At La Panadería, the people like you who enjoy our bread are not customers.  You are our compañeros. Bread has always been sacred to humanity.  The word compañero is a compound word whose origin comes from the tradition of sharing bread with someone.  It comes from two Latin root words:  com “with” and panis “bread” [one who breaks or shares bread with another]. We don’t want our experience with you to be a transaction. We want to have the type of cultural exchange that bakers had with their neighbors in the golden age of panaderías.  In locations that provide the space, we will be making the bread in front of you so that you can see the goodness and quality that goes into our pan ArteSano.  We value you. We want to honor you with the best bread that can possibly be baked in San Antonio, in any city or on any continent for that matter.

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La Panaderia - Become our Compañero

The word compañero comes from the Latin root words  com “with” and panis “bread” [one who breaks or shares bread with another].

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