We’re almost ready for Fiesta! We open at 7 am.

8305 Broadway in the morning 086

Come join us for a bag of Pan Dulce to take with you to the parade. Pan Dulce is happy bread. It makes children smile. It makes a drab day colorful. For those of you who used to walk into a panaderia as a child with your parents, you may remember the magical place that it was. We are trying to reclaim that cultura. We know that twinkies and bagged cookies and honey buns are what your kids may eat now, but the subtle sweetness of Pan Dulce from La Panaderia is a world of a difference. We long-culture our Pan Dulce and we don’t add artificial whiteners or preservatives. It’s just beautiful and tasty Pan Dulce. For those of you over 40 years old, our bread tastes like your childhood.

Introduce your children to Bread Cultura.

Happy Fiesta!