Wake up to a Jamón and Queso Croissant at La Panadería

Jamón and Queso Mexican Croissant

Why does La Panadería make French croissants?

They are usually called croissants in the United States and definitely in France but back in 13th century Austria, they were called Kipferls.  The Kipferl was the ancestor of the Croissant. In 1838-ish an Austrian baker introduced the Kipferl to Paris and thus was the croissant born when bakers learned to make it and decided to shape it like a crescent.

But what does that have to do with Mexico?

When France invaded Mexico in 1861 and temporarily took over the rule of the country, Napolean III recruited Maximilian of Austria to become the Emperor of Mexico.  On the 10th of April 1864, Maximilian took over as monarch.  Maximilian probably loved Austrian Kipferls.  He probably brought his bakers with him from Austria and these bakers introduced to Mexico a new style of breadmaking, the type of bread popular in Europe.

Because of this French occupation in the mid 1800s and because Porfirio Díaz (a dictator in Mexico for nearly three decades) was obsessed with France and wanted everybody to act European, French bread (pan frances) became as common as the tortilla in Mexico.  But hold on, today there are almost twice as many Mexicans in Mexico as there are French people in France.  Everybody in Mexico eats this type of bread.  Therefore, you can conclude then that more french bread is consumed in Mexico than in France.   You can also make a case that just like the Kipferl which was Austrian is now the French croissant, now the Croissant can be classified as Mexican bread too.

From this day on, the bread formerly known as french bread is now Mexican bread.

Summary: The French invaded Mexico and brought their bread. Mexico threw them out but kept the bread.  And improved it.

So when you wake up this morning, come by La Panadería and have a Mexican Croissant.

It’s all good!

And don’t forget to bring your Compañero card (or ask for one).

Welcome to Bread Cultura.

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