Wake up and smell the Pan Dulce and the Pan ArteSano!

La Panaderia right before opening

La Panaderia Early Morning

Thank you for one full week of sweet success.  It’s our second week and we’re getting ready for more compañeros than ever before.

Start your morning off at 7 am with a Jamón and Queso Croissant.  Be in and out quickly and on your way to work.  Plus you can take some Banderillas for a mid-morning reward or to impress your workplace family.  Make sure to tell them to like our Facebook page or sign up for our blog at lapanaderia.com so that they can be up-to-date on our new selections and new locations.

Join us as we fine-tune our menu.  We invite you for Des-Ayuno (Break-fast), El Lonche (Lunch), La Merienda (The mid-afternoon Coffee and Pan Break) and pick up some just-out-of-the-oven Pan for La Cena at home and for desert afterwards.

We make our bread all day so that you aren’t eating bread that has been sitting on a rack all day.  We want to keep the ovens pushing out pan calientito… Just-in-time freshness.

Right now it is the wee hours of the morning and we’re getting our fresh La Panaderia pan ready for our cherished compañeros.  We’ll have all the wonderful favorites you’re quickly coming to expect and some new surprises.  Just open the door to La Panadería at 7 in the morning and let the wonderful aroma of fresh Pan Dulce and fresh Pan ArteSano waft over you and make your day glorious.  Don’t forget to pick up a single source coffee or espresso from the Huehue region of Guatemala.  This Guatemalan cafe is considered the second best coffee in the world and only second to Colombia.  Our coffee is so good because it is harvested just north of the Tajumulco volcano that blesses the soil of these highlands with dense minerals, coffee heaven.  Allow us to use the Goteo method to gently bloom this majestic coffee into its predestined greatness.

We’ll see you early at La Panadería.  We thank you our compañeros.  Gracias.

Hay pan caliente San Antonio.

Welcome to Bread Cultura.