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Whether you call it Pan, Pane, Pain, Pan, Pão, Pâini, Chleb, Brot, Brød, Bröd, Brood or Bread, we want to welcome you to La Panadería, the birthplace of Pan Arte y Sano.

We love real, natural, long-cultured bread. We, the Caceres have the most defined and refined taste palette when it comes to bread and we have travelled the world experiencing the absolute best bread known to humans.

We have been Panaderos (bakers of bread) since we were teenagers. We have made bread that tens of millions of people have enjoyed over the years.

Now in 2014 we are embarking on our very first entrepreneurial adventure in the United States. La Panaderia was born here in San Antonio, Texas in the Quarry Farmers Market. Our wonderful customers have spread the word about our delicious pan artesano. We have sold-out every single weekend. Now, our first physical location will launch in late March at 8305 Broadway just inside Loop 410.

Our dough is rising and we have big plans for La Panadería. We invite you to adventure with us. We invite you to Bread Culutra.

Why would you want to stay “in the know” with what’s happening in La Panaderia’s ovens.

Bread has seasonality. There are fresh breads and pan dulce varieties for different occasions and holidays. We will be using the blog as our primary form of communication to get the word out about new delicious inventions like our Pan de Xocolate, Long-Cultured Conchas or our Tequila Croissants.

We will be sharing information about the health benefits of natural bread and will be shedding light on the detrimental effects of industrialized bread.

We will be sharing recipes, baking techniques, bread culture articles and about the history of bread all over the world.

We also plan to become the repository of Pan Dulce history and culture.

We plan to make fresh bread throughout the day in our Broadway location, not just in the wee hours of the morning. In order for this to happen, we need to have sufficient customer flow… We have to sell like pan caliente. We need you to tell your friends and fellow bread lovers about La Panaderia.

We come from Mexico where families would go to get “el pan” at the corner panadería at around 5 or 6 in the eventing so that it could be shared at the dinner table. We want to share that part of our bread cultura. We want for life to return to the tradition of freshly-made, wholesome and healthy natural bread. Imagine once again sharing a family meal at the dinner table.

We believe once we are honest with bread again, diseases like gluten intolerance will disappear. Already some studies are bearing these findings.

Another interesting fact about our bread is that long-cultured bread (the kind we make) has a lower glycemic count than grocery store bought bread. This too will have an impact on those who are weight and carb conscious.

Bread is supposed to be fresh. Bread is not supposed last more than two days. We will not be injecting additives because it violates our mission to making honest bread.

Bread is supposed to be shared. It is part of the human story.

The aroma of fresh bread is the number one rated scent by women according a survey of 4000. It makes you feel comfort.

We will be sharing about many interesting topics relating to bread. We thank you in advance for being part of our journey.

Welcome to Bread Cultura.