Damas y Caballeros, Grab your Tongs and Charola!

Jose Cáceres invites you to grab some Tongs and a Charola.

The Tongs and Charola Method

After you enter La Panadería and turn towards the left wall you will find our Pan ArteSano.  Under it you will find our Tongs and Charolas which are provided to aid our Compañeros in selecting their favorite bread choices of the day. As you use your Tongs and Charola to grab and transport your selection to your charola, make sure you hold the tongs strongly for the larger breads and more gently when you select the super-soft Pan Dulces located in and on the glass case section.  The Tongs and Charola style of selecting bread is a part of the panadería cultura of Mexico that we wanted to share with you.

This Friday we will be open at 7 am and will close at 7 pm.  We plan to be open on Saturday too but only until 2 pm.

This Easter Sunday, La Panadería will be closed at both 8305 Broadway and at The Quarry Farmers Market.

On Monday we will start the week off with wonderful new surprises and beautiful long-cultured bread. If perhaps bread was something that you gave up for Lent, we’ll see you for break-fast on Monday.

Once again, we thank you for the joy you bring to our growing business.

We are honored that you have received our Pan Dulce and Pan ArteSano with warm hearts.

We’ll see you today for El Desayuno (breakfast), El Lonche and/or La Merienda.