Come for Breakfast, Lunch and La Merienda… We’re open from 7 am to 7pm

One of our delicous Birote Sandwiches served at lunch. This one is on Telera bread.

Come to start your day with a Birote con Chorizo and Egg. Join us for a Birote Sandwich and Soup at Lunch. Join us for La Merienda too… A Mexican cafecito tradition in the mid-afternoon always accompanied by a tasty piece of bread.

FYI… La Merienda comes from the Latin word “merenda” which refers to something that is deserved or merited. Other words sharing the same root with merienda are emeritus, meritocracy, merited (merecer in spanish). Therefore, since you’ve been working hard, you should take a well-deserved break in the middle of your day and treat yourself, thus La Merienda.

We hope to re-institute this wonderful feature of our cultura. We’ll see you in the mid-afternoon to share love and bread.

Welcome to Bread Cultura.