1Pick your 48 Hours Long Cultured Pan

2Pick your Torta (sandwich)

3Pick your Soup or Salad

Black Beans | Fideo Soup

House Salad | Cesar Salad


TORTAS (sandwiches) served warm

specials_light Chorizo and Egg

Black Beans • Chorizo and Scrambled Eggs

Ham and Egg

Black Beans • Scrambled Eggs and Ham

specials_light La Clásica

Cilantro Mayo • Chipotle Mustard • Ham • Swiss Cheese • Pickled Jalapeños • Tomatoes


La Clásica with pork chops • Grilled pineapple

specials_light Chicken Milanesa

Cilantro Mayo • Chicken Milanesa • Queso Asadero/Chihuahua • Pickled Jalapeños • Guacamole Lime

specials_light Mexican Cubana

Cilantro Mayo • Chipotle Mustard • Ham • Bacon • Swiss cheese • Sausage • Pickles


Cilantro Mayo • Chipotle Mustard • Turkey • Gouda • Tomatoes


Cilantro Mayo • Chicken • Queso Asadero/Chihuahua • Green Mix • Guacamole Lime

La Vegetariana

Cilantro Mayo • Chipotle Mustard • Cheese • Mixed greens • Tomatoes • Avocado

add avocado to any torta

specials_light especialidades Allergy Notice: La Panadería products may contain wheat, eggs, milk, nuts or fruits.

Available until noon  

Our Famous Pan Francés

Pick your pan Orange | Chocolate | Cinnamon fresh berries • whipped cream • local honey or real maple syrup

specials_dark El Favorito

open faced croissant • ham • melted Swiss cheese • fried egg

The Continental

Café Americano and your choice of Artisan Biscuit | Croissant | Pan Dulce


Your choice of in-house dressings: Avocado lime | Chipotle


Avocado Bowl

Mixed greens• Avocado • Black beans• Queso fresco • Cucumbers


Chicken Bowl

Mixed greens • Chicken breast • Black beans • Queso fresco • Cucumbers


specials_light Chicken Milanesa Bowl

Mixed greens • Breaded chicken breast • Black beans • Queso fresco • Cucumbers


Turkey Bowl

Mixed greens • Turkey breast • Black beans • Queso fresco • Cucumbers

served warm

Beans and Swiss Cheese


Beans, Ham &  Swiss Cheese

Our  Café Goteo is the optimum method for getting the most fruit expression out of the coffee bean.

It takes a little bit longer  but it tastes a lot better.

Café Goteo Americano

Café Goteo Decaf




Doble Espresso





Bottle of Water

Mexican Soda

Ice Tea

Aguas Frescas

Seasonal Fresh Fruit